POSTED BY: Eleni Pappa / 04.05.2023

Digital Ship Spring Conference 2023

CENSUS was a Gold Sponsor of the Digital Ship Spring Conference on 27th April in Athens.

The event went in depth into Cybersecurity, particularly into best practices for how to manage it, how to ensure the staff are well drilled, what a good security operations centre should look like and what is the appropriate approach regarding Cybersecurity audits in Maritime Industry.

CENSUS, through the presentation “How to be a captain in a Cyber Security Budget Discussion”, had the opportunity to share some thoughts on the importance of the budget in the Cybersecurity Strategy a company adopts, what Return on Investment (ROI), in terms of Cybersecurity, is and what it is considered a good or bad security investment.

Useful information regarding our experience in Maritime Industry, is presented in the following whitepaper .