POSTED BY: Eleni Pappa / 17.01.2023

Cyber Security Financial Services Summit 2022

CENSUS was a Gold Sponsor of the 5th Cyber Security Financial Services Summit in association with the New Statesman on 22nd November 2022 in London.

The conference covered a range of strategic topics that are shaping the world of “Cyber Security in Financial Services” including, navigation of the emerging regulatory and cyber threat landscape, exploration of the various factors that affect the supply chain and how blockchain technology can be used to defend against cyber threats. This briefing aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the multiple aspects of cyber security and how it can be used to improve the efficiency of the financial services industry.


We shared our thoughts through a special presentation titled “The value of Cybersecurity: from Return on Investment (ROI) to business impact”. The key takeaway of the presentation was the fact that Cyber Security is a Strategic Investment and approaching it through the financial term of ROI could lead to misconceptions and false results.


The agenda of the presentation included the below topics:

•Cybersecurity ROI and how a cyber security programme can enable organizations to achieve goals while managing risk.

• Framing success and how success should be measured.

• Assessing and quantifying risk and risk appetite.

• Bench-marking to gain perspective.

• The value of cyber security: from Return on Investment (ROI) to business impact.


Useful information regarding our experience in Banking & Fintech Industries, is presented in the following whitepaper .